Because we provide the best books, the best services, and these two combine so we have the best book fairs. Our team includes well known staff with a combined experience of a thousand book fairs.

Every school is different, so we customize each school’s fair. Our staff creates your school’s fair, by selecting titles that satisfy the grades & reading levels of your students.
We are based in Woburn, Mass. We are able to provide book fairs in most areas of MA, NH, RI, ME, VT, CT and some areas of NY.

You may take your profit in cash or in books. Cash profits range from 10% to 28%. Profits taken in books range from 20% to 50%. Additional bonuses and rewards can add even more profits to your school. Learn More.

We provide you with everything you need for a successful book fair.

  • Books that the children, families and teachers will love
  • Superior service, including 24/7 access to our experienced book fair staff
  • Set up assistance and training
  • Free loan of our Point of Sale system for your cashier area
  • We support your school in accepting cash, check and credit cards. Some Schools use our cashless book fair option.
  • Profits that your school may take as cash or as books
  • Optional: We support sales through our sales system for other items like: your used books, your school’s clothing/mugs/etc or foreign language books from third party vendors. Ask us for details.

Yes, we bring books specifically for your school’s grades. We customize the titles to satisfy the grades and reading levels of your students. We provide books for grades Pre-K to 9th grade.

Our books are displayed on custom built racks that show the books beautifully. One librarian said they look like a waterfall of books. Each rack has a sign to announce the category of books it holds.

One of our staff will deliver the fair to your school and assist your volunteers with wheeling the fair into the room of your choice. Our staffer will help with set up and then train your volunteers. You are ready to sell in about two hours. We provide the same level of service at the end of the fair.
Each fair is customized for each school. Every school’s fair is loaded with more titles and more books than will be needed for a successful book fair. We make sure you have plenty of books. Each fair is sized for the school, we can handle sales from $2,000 to $75,000.

Successful fairs are not determined by how many days they last, but by the excitement built up about the fair. For instance, we have experience with schools that sell $20,000 in one day. The key to a successful fair is publicity and maximizing returns on your volunteers’ time. We recommend schools plan fairs to bring in $2,000 to $4,000 per day. We will help you build a schedule that works.

We have different options for programs like author events, summer reading and required reading. We will be happy to let you know what we can do for you.
We have experience with schools that had trepidations about book fairs they were expecting. Every school was able to cancel the fair with the vendor they had booked, and successfully switch vendors. Do you think your current vendor may disappoint your school? We can help, just ask.