Public & Private Schools

Our book fairs are for public and private schools  -- Independent, Religious, Montessori and more.

For All Schools

  •    We bring grade approriate books to elementary, middle, pre-school and K-8 Schools.

  •    You choose "books only" option or sell both books and a few items like bookmarks and pencils.

  •    Add your own products like school clothing. 
        Some clients: Gordon, E. Providence, RI (logo clothes); Cabot, Newton, MA (book marks); and, Bridge, Lexington, MA (PTO cookbook)

  •    We provide summer reading and bulk english department orders for high schools.

  •    Often after one school in a town, word spreads, and we often help more schools in town.

  •    We work with librarians, PTOs, reading specialists and English departments.

  •    Accept Cash, Check, Credit card, and consider our Cashless book fair option

Public Schools

  •      We have options to co-ordinate on town-wide reads or summer reading programs.

  •      Customize your fair with books for a visiting author.

  •      Our fairs are designed to minimize the volunteer work needed.

  •      You choose how to take your profit: Cash; Books; or, a mix of both.

Private Schools

•         Private schools have the options detailed above, and some additional needs.

•         We serve schools with single gender students.  We adjust our titles for the student body.   
             Some clients: Fessenden (Boys), Newton, MA; and, Lincoln (Girls), Providence, RI

•         Religious schools, (Protestant, Catholic, Jewish) like being able to adjust for titles. 
             Some clients: St. Joe's in Needham, MA; and, Maimonides, Brookline, MA  

•         We serve numerous Montessori schools
              Some clients: Kingsley M., Boston, MA; Lexington M., Lexington, MA; and, Ocean State M., E. Providence, RI

•         Many schools add our Cashless book fair option to their Cash, Check or Credit card processing. 
           Some clients: Dexter School, Brookline, MA; and, Brookwood, Manchester, MA 

•         Independent Schools utilize our services for fairs with sales that may exceed $40,000.
             Some Clients: Avenues, NYC, NY; Pike, Andover, MA; and, Fay Southboro, MA 

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