K-8 Platinum Book Fair
(picture shows 19 of 34 racks)
different K-8 Platinum Book Fair
(picture shows 17 of 30 racks)
Elementary Platimum Book Fair
(picture show 15 of 24 racks)
Best Book Fairs are:

  • Easy for schools to run

  • Customized for your school
    with grade-appropriate books

  • Set up with the aid of our staff

  • Filled with the highest quality books

  • Displayed on attractive rolling racks

  • Supported by our helpful staff

  • Profitable for your school

Author Events, Book Festivals, Conferences:

  *  We provide complete turnkey solutions

  *  We are the vendor to Chappaqua Children's Book Festival, 90 authors, over 10,000+ books, one exciting day!

  • Profitable for your school

  • Profitable for your school
Elementary Gold Book Fair
(Picture shows 7 of 14 racks)
Middle Platinum Book Fair
(picture shows 15 of 22 racks)